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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a police officer on the wrong side of the law, and tonight, we're learning that could have an impact on hundreds of criminal cases. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a concord police officer is schedule today face a judge tomorrow on allegations stole prescription drugs from seniors. that officer resigned today, but we've learned the impact on the criminal justice system is much bigger than just his case. new at 10:00, ktvu's jana katsuyama is live in concord. she talked with attorneys today who say there could be hundreds of cases involving switzer as a
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witness that could be called now into question. jana. >> the public doffedder's office told me today this really does call into question switzer's cent in court cases where he was a witness or he had a hand. this could lead to trials, or dismissals of some cases he touched. >> reporter: contra costa county defender says his client was stopped by him in 2012. he was the officer who was the lead investigating officer. he was the officer who decided to pull over my client. the officer who decided to release a dog upon him. >> reporter: the attorney says his client received these dog bite injuries and had to be treated at a hospital after his encounter with switzer. the client claims he ran from switzer. the jury didn't believe it, and prosecuted the man in february.
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switzer himself was under criminal investigation on administrative leave. >> my client was convicted without the jurors having this information, without the court having this information. his recore nows is to ask for a new trial, and we intend to do that. >> reporter: switzer was turned into jail on friday. prosecutors have used switzer as a witness in many other criminal cases. attorneys in the public defender's office say the arrest now cast doubt. >> we are going to be looking into our cases to see what cases switzer plays a significant role. >> reporter: they get more than 1,000 cases every year, and will need to review every open case, as well as closed cases, that might involve switzer, which could involve a retrial,
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or request for dismissal. >> reporter: zit -- wit switzer is expected to appear in court tomorrow. a federal appeal was denied today. one of several codefendants in yee's case. prosecutors want to very advocate his $250,000 bail, saying he doesn't have enough collateral, but the judge gave him enough time. jackson was arrested last month, and charged with soliciting bribes from senator yee. happening now, fire crews call on heavy equipment tonight after a stubborn three-alarm fire burned three homes today in san jose. the fire destroyed one of those homes, and forced the
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evacuation of others in the neighborhood. it broke out not far from the westgate shopping center. ann, firefighters are still working on fighting that fire. >> reporter: that's right, this fire has been a stubborn one, still going at this hour. they brought in a city bulldozer to help move some of that rubble. the fire spread so quickly neighbors barely had time to remove their belongings. >> people start ponding on my door and screaming judy, judy, you've got to get out. >> reporter: flames shot nearly 50 feet into the air. >> once i saw the flames going up in the sky, i just run out. >> the fire across the street. i looked up, and boom, just like it exploded, and we were on our way up the street. >> reporter: a dozen residents were evacuated to nearby moreland middle school, as the fire lept from one house to the
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next. in total, three burned. investigators think the fire started in this one. an elderly resident was evacuated. her grandson's dog, safely recovered hours later. we didn't know, we were totally in the dark, and just praying. >> reporter: presented a challenge for san jose firefighters. >> they're pretty much pandering in gas and they go up really quick. >> reporter: now flames burning beneath the rubble mean they still can't get close. >> make sure it's safe. >> reporter: tonight, they brought in a city bulldozer trying to get at the fire down below. the hope is to put out the hot spots so fire investigators can get a better look in the morning. the red cross is helping two of the displaced families find a place to stay tonight. the other evacuees have returned home. many still out here, still
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watching the crews at work. fire crews expect to be out here all evening long. also in san jose. police and firefighters are investigating a deadly fire at a mobile home. it happened at about 10:00 this morning near the offices of the franklin mckinley school district on wool creek drive near center road. fire crews say a person was found dead. we checked with firefighters. at of now, no information on the person's name, age, or gender has been released. a controversy decision to close a sonoma county hospital. board members voted to shut down the hospital because it's running out of money. on average, eight beds a day are filled, and the er and hospital labs are losing almost $2 million a year. it will suspend the hospital licenses which lead the door open to a possible reopening.
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it will also force people in towns, such as occidental to make a long journey to santa rosa. >> we have a volunteer fire department for medical calls, and an ambulance, and now any kind of medical calls, it's going to take 15 or 20 minutes longer just to get to the er. >> 250 people will also lose their jobs. looking for options to reopen the host as an outpatient facility. submitted paperwork on the measure for a november ballot that would increase the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> we think this measure is fair, and that if you're working in san francisco full time job, you shouldn't be living in poverty. >> san francisco's chamber of of commerce opposes the proposal. they say it undercuts
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negotiations between city leaders. santa fe, new mexico minimum wage is set to increase to $10.66 an hour in may. and a proposed ballot, in oakland would increase the minimum wage there from $8 an hour to $12.25 an hour. developing news tonight in los angeles where there was a shooting inside a police station. officers say a man walked into the lobby of the wilshire division police department at around 8:00 tonight and opened fire. the desk officer was injured. his bulletproof vest may have saved him. at least one officer returned fire, hitting the gunman. police say the officer and the gunman were both taken to the hospital. there is no word on a possible motive. there is new information tonight about last week's deadly shooting at fort hood. army investigators say ivan lopez was involved in a quote
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verbal altercation. also, 11 of the 16 people wounded in that attack have now returned to duty, while 5 remain in the hospital. the 1-year-old baby at the center of a rescue mission remains in stable condition tonight onboard the navy frigate uss vandergrift. they also released a photo of the sail boat rebel heart as it drifted in the pacific. the military says the baby could be airlifted sooner if her condition worsens. some parents in the oakland school district say they are livid. they say they were never told about a series of sexual assaults targeting elementary school students. >> reporter: three sexual assaults involving three different girls at three oakland elementary schools. the most recent on march 28 near bella vista schools.
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oakland police believe the man pictured in the sketch may be responsible for all three of the crimes. ousc parent august steen wants to know why it took three months for her to know. >> i want to know if it happened once. i want to know. >> reporter: she says as a parents she has a right to know if a sexual predator strikes at any ousc school. >> because the predator can move around. they can move from one school to the next. i think it's important to let the parents know to be on the lookout after what's happening. >> reporter: oakland unify school district says the district doesn't have a set policy for notifying parents. >> in the past, i think part of the problem is rely a little too heavily on administrators at the site to communicate the information. >> reporter: the district is
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looking at changing that practice. >> if can he can develop more forms of communication where there is direct messaging to the parents, i think that will alleviate a lot of the problem. >> the district, not necessarily my principal, but what is the district going to do to make sure that all of us parents are aware that it's out there, as if it was a case of the measles. >> reporter: when a student is victimized, there is balancing act between communicating what happened and protecting. was it a prank or something more personal? tonight what police believe was behind a bazaar attack. >> temperatures 90 degrees in some of the warmest areas tomorrow. i'm break down how much warmer it's going to get where you li
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new at 10:00, luck ran out for a fake credit card ring when an alert cashier got them busted. >> reporter: the fake plastic was working to the tune of $10,000. the suspects rolled the dice one too many times.
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>> they steal a real credit card number, and emboss that with a name on the credit card. >> reporter: fake cards, real numbers. dozens of them now in evidence at the sonoma county sheriff's department with the machine that made them. >> the actual credit card number does belong to a real person, a real victim. >> reporter: while the victim has no idea, a fake card is making withdrawals and purchases. even getting a hotel room. when the suspect's checked into the double tree near the graten casino, the clerk wondered about them. >> they tried to use one credit card. that didn't work. they tried three more. none of those worked. and they finally got one to work. >> reporter: their room here became their base of operation. outside the door, two stolen mercedes. both rented with counterfeit credit cards at bay area airports. >> it seemed like he's living it a little bit. a lot of clothes and personal affects. >> reporter: two women, four
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men from around the bay area. >> san francisco, hayward. walnut creek. >> reporter: making money for a while. >> i would say in the 10's of thousands. >> reporter: they pushed their luck at the casino. >> to get a voucher for a cash advance, they have to go to the cashier, and actually deal with a live person. >> reporter: that live person got suspicious, and alerted security. the fake cards detected, leading to the hotel room with not only cards and supplies, but thousands in cash, drugs, meth pipes, and a laptop. the suspect apparently thought the casino was an easy target. but the casino ended up their undoing. >> i've seen an increase in crime. >> to be expected? >> to be expected. >> reporter: an assortment of fraud, and forgery charges, and the ringleaders may still be out there. surveillance video from this casino may help make this case. reporting live, debra villalon,
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ktvu, channel 2 news. law enforcement agencies carried out three separate busts in the north bay last week, and a crackdown on prostitution. santa rosa police say their investigation began when they noticed an increase in ads for prostitution on the internet mentioning locations near the graten casino. an investigation then resulted in the arrests of seven people in petaluma on prostitution charges. in santa rosa, seven people. police stress that the casino is not suspected in the prostitution. we have new information on a homicide in the north bay. police have released this sketch of a man they'd like to identify in connection with this case. they're offering a $1,000 reward for a positive id. they say the man might be from a central american country. police also released the name of the victim, 31-year-old jimmy lucero. a hiker found the body. police have not said how he was
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killed, but they do say there is no apparent threat to the community at this time. >> people using the hiking trails are in no immediate danger we believe. we believe this was an isolated incident. >> it was the first homicide in novato this year. last year there was none. in oakland, police today released the name of a 23-year- old mother who was found beaten to death near lake merritt over the weekend. her body was found saturday morning near park boulevard and 3rd avenue. investigators aren't sure if she was killed there, or somewhere else. relatives say she was last seen getting into a van outside of a nightclub late friday, or early saturday morning. rescuers suspended the search for a missing hiker today after efforts to find her turned up no signs over the past week.
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ktvu's noel walker was there today as the woman's family made a tearful plea for help. >> reporter: there are no words to describe what it's like to know your child is missing. no matter how old. >> she's a very strong person. and she loved hiking. >> reporter: she came to mount tam to hike a week ago sunday. these are surveillance videos of the 33-year-old on march 30 as they paid for parking at the boot jack trailhead. the last known sighting. her white rental car now impounded. one of few pieces of evidence in glinkowski's disappearance. >> we don't know if she's voluntarily lost. we don't know if she's a victim of some foul play, but right now, she's just lost. >> reporter: earlier today, the family went out with park rangers who gave her some sense of the trails where magdalena
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was last scene. over the weekend, they stopped visitors, and scoured mount tam. the search area covers a lot of ground. 26,000acres on mount tam. >> they did cover quite a lot. but still there's plenty of other areas out there. >> reporter: 200 miles of trails. >> he says he doesn't remember her. she's contacted rangers. >> reporter: looking for a woman who left no trail. ktvu, channel 2 news. it's warm outside today. it was warm today. we had temperatures in the 80s, currently 65 degrees in san francisco right now. your forecast high in san francisco tomorrow, your back up into the 70s. a nice day, starts out at 67
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degrees at lunchtime. ends up at about 71 degrees. san jose, 67 right now. your daytime high in san jose tomorrow is going to be back into the mid-80s. tomorrow is going to end up being the warmest day of the week. some areas south of san jose, and east of san jose could see temperatures in the mid- to low 90s. mid-and upper 80s in the warm spots. tomorrow, the warmest day of the week. when i come back, we talk about that cooling trend. smart cars tipped and flipped. >> we heard the noise. it sounded like a crunching sound. >> tonight at 10:30, the focus of the police investigation at owners are concerned that
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the leads are described as very promising. that's not the first time authorities have said that in
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the search more the missing malaysian airlines jetliner. searchers have picked up pings possibly from the black boxes. >> reporter: this vigil in beijing, marking four weeks since the flight vanished. malaysian officials taking a hopeful turn on monday, when notified about a possible break in the search. >> the most promising lead we've had. >> reporter: an australian strip, detecting signals picked up by this listening device. a pinger locater, which is towed at 3 miles per hour. the jet had two black boxes, each giving off its own signal. they say it sounded like this. but navy officials say it's too soon to know what's down there. >> until we can reconfirm, we
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should not be too optimistic. we should be very measured. >> reporter: the next step is for search teams to find those pinging signals again, then they say, they'll launch an unmanned sub to look for wreckage on the indian ocean floor. >> if they gain another acoustic event, that will be the trigger at the moment to launch the autonomous underwater vehicle, with a more accurate sonar. >> reporter: in kuala lumpor, dozens marking this month of mourning say they haven't given up. >> not yet, no. the u.s. senate voted again to extend benefits to those americans considered the long term unemployed. the vote was 59 to 38. it had the backing of several prominent republicans. this was the fourth time the senate has voted to renew benefits that were cut off in september. speaker john boehner says he won't even consider a bill
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unless it includes measures to create jobs. our exclusive ktvu field poll finds that president obama remains popular here in california. 53% of registered voters say they approve of the job that the president is doing. 41% say they disapprove. the president gets overwhelmingly high marks from democrats and low marks from republicans. the field poll also looked at national polls and the numbers are reversed. 53% say they disapprove of the job that president obama doing. 41% approve. pro russian activists declare a city in eastern ukraine to be an independent republican. they have seized the regional government building and are calling for russian president vladimir putin to send in troops. they also want a referendum to succeed from ukraine. the white house warned russia not to interfere. the price to park doubled. tonight, at 10:45, the other
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changes now in place as a bay area city tries to capitalize on an uptick in commercial traffic. >> four smart cars vandalized in san francisco. a surprising reaction from a couple who's car had severe damage. >> and a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app, click the live icon, really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential?
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if it was someone's idea of a joke, many people aren't laughing tonight. four smart cars tipped and flipped in san francisco and the victims are left wondering why. san francisco police are still looking for people behind this morning's vandalism, and investigators are hopeful for a
11:29 pm
lead. amber lee is in the neighborhood, where she's learned that in one case, the owner's actually heard the whole thing happen, just steps from their home. amber? >> reporter: frank, we're in burno heights. three of the four smart cars were vandalized in this neighborhood. we spoke with a couple who's car was severely damaged. the sight of this silver car flipped up is funny and upsetting to the people who own it. >> i heard people hollering with what sounded like joy, and took off in like an suv or something. >> reporter: they didn't realize it was the sound of their smart car being flipped onto its roof, until a neighbor came to their door and told them. >> it's definitely violent. maybe it's a prank. i'm not trying to figure out buy, it's just a really stupid thing. >> the smith's smart car was
11:30 pm
one of four vandalized early this morning. within a half hour. police say the suspect descriptions are vague. a group of people wearing hoodies, leaving the scene in an suv. >> i don't think they're targeting a segment of people. we didn't hear anybody calling up, and bragging that they did it. >> to have your entire car flipped over. >> reporter: stephanie relies on her smart car to get to work. she's worried her car will be targeted, and plans to install an alarm. >> it's a little nerve wracking. >> reporter: it too was tipped to the side by vandals early this morning. she says she's glad the car still runs. >> we've been talking about having more of a neighborhood watch, and putting in the motion sensor lights. >> reporter: as for the smiths, they say their smart car is now in the shop, but they don't know if it's totaled. >> i want another smart car, it's not going to deter me from
11:31 pm
having another one. >> reporter: police say they're hoping to catch the people responsible. if caught, they face felony vandalism charges. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. we checked just how compact smart cars are. they are about 5 feet high and 5 feet wide. they weigh about 1800 pounds. people have been known to tip cows and an average mature dairy cow weighs 1400 pounds. just look for the image tab on our front page. police in san francisco are investigating two more cases of people being struck by cars. police say a man tried to cross the street against a red light, and was hit by a yellow taxi cab. earlier today, a person in a
11:32 pm
crosswalk was hit while crossing larken and mcalister. both were taken to the hospital. at this point, we don't know the extent of their injuries. we have new information about a man who was struck and killed by a car. that happened last night in san francisco. today, police identified the victim as 72-year-old ill sun im. investigators say he was hit while crossing vann nes. a plan of action which they call fights racism at berkely. the speaker said the university has failed to fulfill its promise of diversity. they say latinos make up only 11% of the student body, and blacks just 3%. it's been more than a week since the deadline passed to sign up for covered california.
11:33 pm
while more than 3 million people now have insurance, some say it still falls short when it comes to one demographic. why that one group remains largely uninsured. >> reporter: he cares whether or not his patients have insurance. he encormed people to sign up under cover california. there was a last minute search in latino enrollment, but he says the numbers are dismal. initial reports show only 23% of latinos enrolled by march. only 11% chose spanish as their primary language. >> reporter: he feels many of his patients fear their undocumented relatives would be deported if they signed up for coverage. >> to me, that's a symptom of the disease.
11:34 pm
in other words, that's a system that the process was not working. >> reporter: maria feels the state did well. she successfully signed up for coverage after being uninsured for a year. >> it's not a good feeling. you worry about your yearly physical and dental also. >> reporter: latinos are a target for the program, because they tend to be younger and healthier. the state says they're still processing applications, and expect the numbers to rise over the next several weeks. >> there's good numbers recently, and there's hope. and we are gaining ground, but we have a long way to go. >> the state is extending the deadline until april 15. so those who had computer issues on the last day, final enrollment numbers won't be released until next week. california inmates who test
11:35 pm
positive for drugs and alcohol would risk losing pay. the constructions department is considering taking away the nominal pay for inmates. the department also plans to standardize drug testing across the prison system. a public hearing will be held next month to discuss the proposed changes. south african paralympic star oscar pistorius took the stand today for the first time in the murder trial. pistorius admitted he killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he claims he thought she was an intruder. prosecutors say it was premeditated. pistorius asked courtroom cameras not to show him today as he testified, and apologized to steenkamp's family. >> i can't imagine the sorrow, and the emptiness that i've caused you and your family. >> reporter: his defense attorney is trying to portray an image of the double amputee
11:36 pm
runner of being fearful. he testified about friends and families being victims of violence. paying double to park in one of the area's busier shopping districts. learn why the city says making money is not the primary goal. >> temperatures climbing even higher tomorrow. i'll break down how hot it's going to get around the bay area, and when things will
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
a boat packed with bundles of marijuana washed a shore. park rangers spotted the boat leaking gasoline, and smelling of marijuana. one person was arrested on the
11:39 pm
beach, and two others were found nearby. the boats are often used to smuggle drugs and people up the coast. yosemite park rangers say tons of falling rock have blocked a popular hiking trail. it happened on march 31, and closed the trail to ranchrio falls. about 16 tons of rock fell about 500 feet from a cliff, destroying some 400 feet of trail, and crushing trees. hikers can still reach wopama falls. the death toll rose today following that massive mudslide in washington state. the snowhomish county medical examiner lowered the number of missing people to 12.
11:40 pm
crews are still hard at work searching for remains that buried the town of oso, 17 days ago. this fall, 11 of cal state's 23 campuses will charge a student success fee. that money will be used for classroom technology, and other improvements. san jose state is the second most expensive school in the system. the combination of fees and tuition will now total more than $7,200 a year. the dow jones fell 166 points, so far this year it's down 2%. the nasdaq dropped 47 points
11:41 pm
making it down by a little more than 2% this year. tech stocks led the way lower. limes are in short supply when it comes to some airlines due to a recent shortage, and price hike, several have stopped carrying limes. alaskan airlines was one of them. u.s. agriculture officials say the average price of a lime was about 56 cents last week. virgin america has been rated the top airline in the country. it's the second year in a row they've earned top marks from the annual airline quality rating report. the study found that virgin was good on time performance rates, fewer issues with mishandled bags, and low rights of bumping passengers. jetblue airways ranked second, followed by hawaiian airlines, and delta. a 7th grade student from san carlos is headed to the national geography bee. he won with a correct answer about canals in ancient persia. it earned him $100, and a trip to washington, d.c. next week. he is a student in hillsboro. he also represented california
11:42 pm
at the national geography bee back in 2011. drivers say it feels like they're being gouged. in three minutes, the changes to one city's parking policy, and where you can still park for free. >> warm today around the bay area. the trend bill martin is tracking in his
11:43 pm
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new at 10:00, the institute for highway safety has released the results of crash tests involving mid-sized suv's. the chevy equinox and the gm terrain are the only mid-sized models to earn a good rating in the front overlap test.
11:45 pm
the test measures what happens when the front vehicle hits a corner of a vehicle. the equinox and terrain are getting the institute's top safety pick of 2014. at, we've posted the complete list of results. including which vehicles did not do well. it just got more expensive to park in downtown walnut creek. you can no longer catch a break on sundays, because they are no longer free. where you can go to find relief. >> reporter: walnut creek is capitalizing on its downtown marking magnet. >> i don't like being gouged, and that's what it feels like. >> i don't, because of the parking rates. so i avoid driving into town.
11:46 pm
>> reporter: business owners fear a backlash. the jeweler says customers are complaining already. >> actually asking us to pay for the parking meter, which i do. >> reporter: the plaza construction eliminated some construction spots. it is allowing free valet parking temporarily. finance instructor says not only does she have to dig deeper, but parking meters are now enforced every day, including sunday. >> that's really unfortunate. because i love going to the farmer's market. now i'm going to have to find a spot. >> reporter: and the limit is two hours. >> the beauty salon and other stores where the customers stay here for a couple of hours, that would be hard. >> reporter: walnut creek estimates the higher meter rates and fines could bring in another $200 million a year. the city says its goal is getting people parking off the street, and into city owned
11:47 pm
garages, where the parking rates are lower, and the first hour is still free. >> we checked parking rates around the bay area, san francisco's parking varies greatly. with some as low as 20 cents an hour. in burlingame. in palo alto, there is no charge to park downtown. but they do limit how long you can stay on color coded zones. calls for changing when it comes to housing policy. the goal is to fight the displacement of people. experts say being forced to move can take a toll on health and keep important services out of reach. >> all of the benefits that come with development in terms
11:48 pm
of gentrification mean that the folks who need it the most don't get the benefit. temperatures warmer today than yesterday by a good 5 to 10 degrees. even along the coast, we had some 70s. 69 in pacifica. san rafael. you were 80 degrees today. morgan hill at 83. highs tomorrow, are going to come up a few more degrees. weather systems stay out of our area. the ridge of high pressure is over top of us. everything heads north. no rain this week, unlike last week. radar, nothing is showing up. of course last week at this time, it was rainy and stormy. all last week, three or four inches of rain. that's all changing. look how warm it is outside right now. 66degrees in antioch at 10:00,
11:49 pm
or what is it, 10:45 at night. 66 antioch, 67 in livermore. 67 in san jose. it's warm outside now. you know it's going to start off warm tomorrow. that means temperatures tomorrow are easily going to make it back into the mid-80s, maybe even some 90s. calm winds out there right now. these calm winds are going to start to pick up out of the west as we go into wednesday. tomorrow is going to be the warmest day. then these winds, which are now kind of light and variable are going to start to ramp up. as they do, we see increased onshore flow. a little patchy fog and wednesday, thursday, and friday temperatures start to trend down a little bit. tomorrow is the warmest day of the weak. at the surface, there's a weak onshore flow. that's going to keep the coast and bay area right around the fringes of the bay, a little cooler. inland, 80s, and maybe some low 90s. the sea breeze increases wednesday and thursday.
11:50 pm
temperatures come out of the mid-80s, and end up in the 70s. you'll see that in the five-day forecast. as we head into tomorrow, tomorrow night clouds start to show up. tomorrow night about 10:00, that's the onshore flow starting to push in. that's how we know wednesday is going to be a cooler day. today, we had a lot of easterly winds. that won't be the case tomorrow. 83 in st. helena tomorrow. 84 in vacaville. these numbers are fairly conservative. away from the city, away from the airport. 84 in san jose. 87 in gilroy. that could easily be a 90. the warmest day of the week, air quality still good. tree pollen is trending very, very, very high. the five-day forecast with bay area weekend in view, you can see it's dry. after a wet week last week, we're back into what looks to be a very spring like weather pattern, with the warmest day being tomorrow. >> very nice.
11:51 pm
thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. thousands of young salmon will be transported by boat down the sacramento river tomorrow to help boost their survival rates. state fish and gaming officials will help move 100 ocean bound salmon. they plan to release 200 more in a sight near tiburon to compare the effectiveness of this project. all 300,000 fish have tiny implants to help scientists track them and determine which group is the most successful. mark is here with sports. i wish i was a uconn fan be, because they've got it going on right now. >> they're the only school ever of doing it, and on the verge of of duplicating it. having men and women win the national titles in the same year. hotly contested. a
11:52 pm
couple of power forwards there mr. clinton and mr. bush checking it out. kentucky at one point found themselves 15 down. but they would make a move. this guy had a lot to do with it. james young. watch him just left hand crash his way to the hoop amongst the tree trunks there. 20 points for the youngster. will not take no for an answer. kentucky down one here. about 4:00 left. shabazz napier who winds up as the final four mvp, from way downtown. that pretty much sealed it. uconn on the way to victory. the women of uconn, they're undefeated, they will face unbeaten notre dame tomorrow. one of the most exhilarating eras in warrior championship school, run tmc as in tim, rich, and chris.
11:53 pm
this is richmond. the 6 time all-star, averaged 21 points a game. will forever have an hof before his name which suits him just fine. >> it doesn't get any better than that. >> no, it doesn't get any better. you can judge me, you can judge my game. i'm a hall of famer, i don't care. >> he is a hall of famer. a long trip coming up for the a's. we'll show female announcer: get on board for better sleep.
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well the a's haven't exactly come out smoking. topping the list, scott kazmir. and yoenis cespedes, he looks already in the 2nd, against kevin correia. got himself an rbi double. brandon moss would score. the a's lead, 1-0. and josh red
11:57 pm
i think, cleaning up his act today. seems to work pretty well right here with a liner to right. got him sufficient an rbi. brandon moss, also contributing. two run cash in single to center field. beats the ship. scott kazmir, 6 innings. gives up 3 runs for the win. it will be a season long victory lap for derek jeter as he makes the rounds in his final season. landmarks along the way, his last home opener at yankee stadium today. he's got a flair for the dramatic, and he cranks one deep. perfect story, not quite. it hit the top of the left field wall. got himself a double, and the yankees do win it, 4-2 over the o's. and that is the sporting life for a monday night. >> derek jeter is amazing. >> yeah, he'll be a hall of famer too. joining mitch. >> thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> our next newscast, ktvu morning news at 4:30 a.m.
11:58 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," this is my favorite clip in a long, long time. oprah winfrey. what is the one dollar amount most people always ask for if they ever do ask for anything? >> you see her processing. she's thinking, do i? don't i? do i? [bleep] it. kim kardashian, queen of the ass by far. >> is that kim? >> this is kim. >> give me that. she's in thailand doing this whole photo shoot.


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